Sidechain Gauge Upgrade and migration

Sidechain gauges have been migrated to an upgraded version which support veCRV boost following vote #161 as described by Skellet0r here Sidechain/L2 Gauge Replacements/Migration

This migration enables veCRV boost on gauges which do not yet support it on sidechain. It’s not mandatory and although we recommend migrating, there is no deadline for doing so. Funds aren’t at risk if you don’t migrate. Your CRV earnings will not expire.

As a result, several sidechain gauges will stop receiving CRV from the 12th of May. This only affects gauges on sidechains, not mainnet.

The timeline is as follow:

  • Users who have votes for any of the killed gauges below should change them to the new gauges by going there or there BEFORE the 5th of May (as
    a vote towards a killed gauge will not count)
  • Users who have funds in any of the killed gauges will stop receiving CRV emissions on the 12th of May (a migration button will be shown on withdraw pages)
  • The current Convex gauge vote will subtitute votes to old gauges towards their new updated versions.

The fastest way to tell if you are staking in a deprecated gauge is to check if the CRV APR displays a range or a unique APR


  • Before the 5th of May: migrate votes on deprecated gauges
  • After 12th of May: migrate your funds to the new gauges

Details of gauges

chain_id gauge_type name old_gauge new_gauge
100 4 x3pool 0x6C09F6727113543Fd061a721da512B7eFCDD0267 0x82049b520cAc8b05E703bb35d1691B5005A92848
250 1 2pool 0xb9C05B8EE41FDCbd9956114B3aF15834FDEDCb54 0x15bB164F9827De760174d3d3dAD6816eF50dE13c
250 1 g3CRV 0xfE1A3dD8b169fB5BF0D5dbFe813d956F39fF6310 0xF7b9c402c4D6c2eDbA04a7a515b53D11B1E9b2cc
250 1 btcCRV 0xfDb129ea4b6f557b07BcDCedE54F665b7b6Bc281 0xbC38bD19227F91424eD4132F630f51C9A42Fa338
250 1 crv3crypto 0x260e4fBb13DD91e187AE992c3435D0cf97172316 0x319E268f0A4C85D404734ee7958857F5891506d7
137 2 am3pool 0xC48f4653dd6a9509De44c92beb0604BEA3AEe714 0x20759F567BB3EcDB55c817c9a1d13076aB215EdC
137 2 a3crypto 0x060e386eCfBacf42Aa72171Af9EFe17b3993fC4F 0xBb1B19495B8FE7C402427479B9aC14886cbbaaeE
137 2 btcCRV 0x488E6ef919C2bB9de535C634a80afb0114DA8F62 0x8D9649e50A0d1da8E939f800fB926cdE8f18B47D
137 2 crvEURTUSD 0xAF78381216a8eCC7Ad5957f3cD12a431500E0B0D 0x8b397084699Cc64E429F610F81Fac13bf061ef55
42161 7 2pool 0xFf17560d746F85674FE7629cE986E949602EF948 0xCE5F24B7A95e9cBa7df4B54E911B4A3Dc8CDAf6f
42161 7 btcCRV 0x9F86c5142369B1Ffd4223E5A2F2005FC66807894 0xDB3fd1bfC67b5D4325cb31C04E0Cae52f1787FD6
42161 7 3crypto 0x9044E12fB1732f88ed0c93cfa5E9bB9bD2990cE5 0x555766f3da968ecBefa690Ffd49A2Ac02f47aa5f
42161 7 crvEURSUSD 0x56eda719d82aE45cBB87B7030D3FB485685Bea45 0x6339eF8Df0C2d3d3E7eE697E241666a916B81587
43114 8 av3crv 0xB504b6EB06760019801a91B451d3f7BD9f027fC9 0x4620D46b4db7fB04a01A75fFed228Bc027C9A899
43114 8 btcCRV 0x75D05190f35567e79012c2F0a02330D3Ed8a1F74 0x00F7d467ef51E44f11f52a0c0Bef2E56C271b264
43114 8 3crypto 0xa05e565ca0a103fcd999c7a7b8de7bd15d5f6505 0x1879075f1c055564CB968905aC404A5A01a1699A