Proposal to add Aave DAO on the Curve Smart Wallet Whitelist contract


Proposal to add Aave Dao in Curve’s Smartwallet whitelist contract, which would allow Aave to lock CRV and participate in Curve governance.


Aave is a money markets protocol, with over $6B in TVL that generates around 20k$/day.

Creating synergies between Aave and Curve could be really positive, and that’s why Aave DAO would like to lock in CRV and bring liquidity on Curve into several pools.

The objective of the liquidity provision is to maximize the boost by using the funds generated by Aave protocol.

Aave DAO would deposit into several pools.


Allowing Aave to interact with Curve smart contracts will allow Aave users to participate in Curve ecosystem by voting on the governance and to maximize the protocol earnings by compounding interests.


In practice, CurveDAO would need to run the following function on SmartWallet Whitelist to approve the wallet of Aave DAO:

Approve wallet (0x464c71f6c2f760dda6093dcb91c24c39e5d6e18c)

This function will:

  • Allow Aave smart contract to lock CRV
  • Allow Aave to participate in Curve governance
  • Allow Aave to vote to increase the weight of Aave and sAave pool


By approving the whitelist, Aave contributes to the growth of the Curve ecosystem with the liquidity that will be deposited on different pools and by participating on Curve governance.


By approving the whitelist, there will be additional liquidity from Aave in Curve, which could dilute the gauge from other pools.