Introducing the Dev Tools SubDAO

The Curve Grant Council has just approved funding for a Dev Tools subDAO composed of key members from the Curve and Vyper community who will oversee funding of infrastructure significant to Curve. They have been approved 2m CRV to allocate through EOY 2023.

SubDAO core members:

Fiddy - Curve Dev Tooling Lead
Charles - Vyper + Titanoboa Lead
Fubuloubu - Vyper, Yearn Dev and ApeWorx Founder
Wavey - Yearn Dev
Pascal - Vyper (Snekmate) Dev


The Dev Tools group will be responsible for building and maintaining essential tooling for Curve including Vyper, ApeWorx and others. The group will identify the most significant needs and manage the allocation of funds toward creating and maintaining such tools. Its priority is to ensure Vyper is adequately funded and supervise its development, as the programming language and its associated tooling is a core technology underpinning Curve. Currently, funds are planned to be used for the following endeavors:

  • Fund development and maintenance of the Vyper language and associated Titanoboa interpreter, including bugfixes, maintenance, features and performance improvements
    • Ongoing, regular audits of the Vyper compiler from multiple tier 1 audit firms (tentatively: ChainSecurity, Statemind, Ottersec and Certora)
    • Funding support from FV tools and static analyzers, including Certora, Slither, Halmos, Mythril and HEVM
    • Regular audit/review competitions from Codehawks, Sherlock and Code4rena
    • Bug bounty programs administered through Immunefi
  • Otherwise allocating funds toward developers, audits, and bug bounty programs as needed
  • Supervise progress of teams receiving funding
  • Coordinate with teams and people building tooling for Curve
  • Monitor for future dev tooling needs and proactively explore suitability for Curve
  • Allocate funds toward developers, audits, and bug bounty programs as needed