[UX] Transactions queue joining/leaving pools

Yesterday I migrated my funds from the sUSD pool to the 3pool.
It is not the first time I perform this type of operation, and still, every time I am surprised by the number of transactions that need to be performed.
I am not blaming the number of transactions involved in the process. After all, it makes sense that you have to :

  • Approve
  • Deposit/Withdraw
  • Stake/Unstake from/to gauge
  • (Claim)

However, I wish I could be smart enough to be able to estimate the number - and price - of those transactions, but every time, well… I am not.
Also, looking at the “Estimated tx cost” box, you have to know Curve already to find out that the value in the box corresponds to the estimate of the next transaction, and not the overall price, which I find misleading.
Finally, the different options for depositing and withdrawing are each represented as buttons, which is fine, but I am not sure every user knows that some buttons are simply a combination of actions of other buttons.

I propose to put in place a modal that would be displayed to the user whem clicking on “deposit and stake” or “unstake and withdraw”.
This modal would at least list the transactions to come, explaining briefly the workflow (eventually asking for an extra confirmation). A nice to have would be to have to gas estimate for each along with total gas estimate, but to me the most important is to tell the user how many transactions they will need to approve to perform their operation.
The modal will close whenever the entire transactions queue is completed.
The advantage of a modal is no one has to decide where to put extra information on existing pages : You just display what the user needs to know at the moment.


I believe adding the total cost of all the transactions is planned but can suggest making it higher priority.

A modal with the transaction queue could be quite nice as well. We’ll discuss this internally, thanks for the feedback.