Tricrypto on the Aurora network


Deploy the Tricrypto pool to the Aurora network


Aurora is the evm compatible chain built on the Near blockchain and Curve has recently launched on it with a 7.5 million Aurora grant. With its cheap transactions and growing number of applications Curve is positioned to provide Aurora users with the best in class experience of Curve and gain access to the Near block chain through Aurora. Although tvl has grown, peaking around 1billion on the chain, the development of Curve on Aurora, starting with the defi favourite of Tricrypto could take Aurora to the next level.


  1. Bring deep liquidity of btc and eth to the aurora chain.
  2. Gives Curve indirect access to the native Near ecosystem.
  3. Due to Auroras low cost transactions, allows new defi users the experience of using the blue chip protocol that is Curve.
  4. Increase tvl to the Aurora chain being the first eth based blue chip protocol deployed to the chain.
  5. Provide better trading experience for users of the chain over the native number one dex Trisolaris.
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I support this proposal. Will help Curve build a moat of liquidity across all EVM-based chains. Liquidity aggregation can be integrated to NEAR (over time) as well.

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