Support for BUSD in Fantom


To include BUSD on ftm.curve


BUSD is one of the main dollar pegged stablecoins in circulation and it would facilitate its use and trading on the Fantom ecosystem because right now although it can be bridged from BSC, it can’t be easily traded or use in this chain.


Lack of trading support on Fantom for this coin, although it can be easily bridged by using Anyswap.


We’ll be making it easier for traders to have another major stablecoin on Fantom, allowing for more liquidity.
This could bring more people to Curve too since BUSD is a well trusted stablecoin which can easily and inexpensively be bridged from BSC.

I don’t see any disavantage.



I also don’t see any disadvantage.

Will this be a metapool to DAI/USDC or what do you propose? I’m curious why it’s 2pool on fantom but 3pool on ethereum. Is the idea to eliminate the tether risk? I don’t think that BUSD should be included in the list of core assets here, probably a metapool, but I’m not familiar enough with fantom yet to say definitively what I believe is the best thing to do.

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I agree too with this proposal.