sCIP #47 - add a [RAI, FRAX] Base Pool


This proposal would deploy and add a custom RAI-FRAX base pool to Curve.


The Reflexer community built and deployed the first ever Curve Metapool that follows a floating target price like the one used in the RAI protocol. The RAI-3Pool custom pool is currently on mainnet with tens of millions in TVL and it is working as intended. Now, the FRAX and RAI communities would like to go a step further and co-incentivize a FRAX/RAI base pool that attracts even more TVL to Curve and make the ties between the three communities even stronger.


This proposal presents the idea of a unique base pool between two stable assets, one with a fixed and the other with a floating target price. The FRAX/RAI base pool would be another addition to the Curve protocol which is becoming the home for a wide variety of synthetic assets.


Here is an implementation for a base Curve pool that can use RAI and FRAX. It uses a similar method to the one deployed in production for the RAI-3Pool Metapool. A question for the Curve community is whether the Reflexer community should have an audit for the RAI/FRAX pool.


Deploy and add the [RAI, FRAX] base pool


Do not deploy the [RAI, FRAX] base pool


Will post the snapshot vote once we get clarity on audits for this custom RAI/FRAX pool.