sCIP#32 - Allow delegating governance power from token in Curve pool


The signal seeks to propose whether future pool with governance token such as COMP, UNI, YFI etc. in its respective DAO.


As future candidate such as synth pool of COMP, YFI, UNI is governance token, putting those idle token to vote can improve quorum and give Curve DAO or delegated entity power such as Synthetix Ambassador.


This give power to Curve DAO or delegated entity to vote for future cooperation between DAO.


This will cost additional gas fee and putting liquidity provider in non neutral position or vote against their interest.


The poll will open at 6 March 12:00 UTC until 12 March 12:00 UTC Snapshot (

It is hard to understand what this proposal is trying to accomplish. Are you suggesting that the unclaimed tokens in certain pools (e.g. comp, snx) should be used for governance in their respective DAOs?

The idea is using COMP from future sCOMP/COMP Curve pool to vote in Compound Governance, for example.

OK, now I understand. We might have to get a developer to confirm if this is even feasible as I don’t think we have the ability to do so.