sCIP#25 - stETH/ETH Pool


Proposing to add a new pool ETH/stETH which is Lido staked ETH.

Lido is a staking solution for ETH 2.0 built to solve these problems and backed by several industry-leading staking providers. It makes staked ETH liquid and allows participation with any amount of ETH.

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Why not do a metapool? I see there have been 2 ETH pools approved by signal vote, [ETH,sETH] and [ETH,ankrETH].


How will it work. Lets say I put 100 stETH in the pool. Will I still receive yield generated from the staking, or I’ll only receive swapping fees + admins fees (if eligible)

I also think a metapool would be good here

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ya this seems like a [stEth, Eth/sEth] metapool sort of thing