sCIP#24 - renFIL / wFIL pool


renFIL and wFIL are ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum, both backed 1:1 by Filecoin (FIL). renFIL was launched by the Ren project ( in collaboration with ConsenSys Codefi ( and wFIL was launched by Wrapped ( renFIL is secured by RenVM, which is transitioning into a decentralized network, while wFIL is secured by a centralized qualified custodian, and hence both cater to different market actors.

We are proposing to launch a new pool containing both of these assets (renFIL/wFIL).


Filecoin has been one of the largest network launches of the year, and tokenized FIL can enable all types of new applications in DeFi as illustrated by the recent Filecoin+EthGlobal hackathon. Liquidity and price parity is a crucial step to catalyze these applications, which is why a Curve pool makes sense.


  • Bring a new kind asset to Curve that is not representing USD or BTC, diversifying the kinds of assets you can trade on Curve
  • Help kickstart FIL’s presence on Ethereum




I am fully confident that this integration will highly benefit all the project involved. There is somebody that has to do the first step. Lets do it Curve!


Thanks so much for putting this together Corbin!

If anyone has any questions directed towards the renFIL part and how it works feel free to ask me :+1:


This sounds like a phenomenal ideal. I am in full support.

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