sCIP#2 - Utilizing the Community Fund


Take the first steps toward making use of the 151,515,151 CRV currently locked in the DAO community fund.


Step 1a: Bring awareness to this fund by building a dedicated section on the page that shows information about the fund, a breakdown of how funds are being used, and other relevant information.
Step 1b: Begin discussing ways this fund can be used most effectively.
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Profit


We have a lot of money sitting around, waiting to be put to work for the benefit of the DAO. The sooner we get started putting that money to work, the better off we will be.


The community fund can be found at

In order to make the fund self sustaining, we should consider ways to diversify the portfolio and earn interest on our CRV. Some ideas have floated around, including some of the following. Credit to @Glenn for some of these interesting ideas.

===Supply liquidity on Uniswap and earn rewards in CRV once CIP#18 is launched to reward Uniswap LPs.

===Offer the option for veCRV to receive admin fees in CRV. The fund assumes ownership of the admin fee LP tokens, earning stable coin yield and CRV.

===Offer the option to buyback veCRV for some penalty. The fund assumes ownership of the veCRV, earning admin fees and a return on the penalty payment.

Let’s discuss any more ideas you may have for how the fund could be used, and break down what proportion of the fund we’d like to see used in particular ways!


We have money sitting on the table. We should start figuring out what we want to do with it.


It’s too early and we have other priorities right now. The fund should stay untouched for the time being.


Should a section be built on the site that displays information about the DAO community fund?

A ‘yes’ vote means you are in favor of exploring options for making use of this fund. There is no commitment to any specific initiatives right now. Any specific initiative would be in a future CIP.

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