Save to move around my LP token?

Not sure if it’s ok to ask this in governance forum. Is it safe to move my LP tokens around - to other addresses?

LP tokens are erc20 tokens, and it is therefore safe to send them to another address.

You would need to import them in metamask manually.
A common mistake is to paste the address of the token in metamask, and then forget that you have copied this in your clipboard when you go to fill the destination address of your transfer. Make sure to import the LP token in MetaMask first, then copy the destination address.

If you need help to find the specific address of an LP token, feel free to ask.

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Thanks Julien.

The reason I am asking is because I was using Metamask solely, and would like to transfer the LP/staked tokens to my Trezor wallet so that I will use my Trezor in combination with Metamask, which is safer. That sounds obvious but just want to confirm that works.

Also, can I just double confirm that I can continue to claim my CRVs and other rewards in the new address which I have my LP/gauge tokens.

Yes that’s all safe to do indeed. What you will do is:

  1. Remove LP tokens from gauge on Metamask
  2. Send LP tokens from gauge to Trezor
  3. Re-Approve LP tokens to be sent in gauge from Trezor
  4. Deposit in gauge from Trezor

Then you will start claiming rewards from Trezor.