Remove Gauges: Fei/3crv, Fei/Alusd/Frax, Btrfly(OLD)/eth

Remove CRV rewards from the following gauges: Fei/3crv, Fei/Alusd/Frax, Btrfly(OLD)/eth


This proposal is to remove CRV rewards from the two FEI pools as they are shutting down. Because of that, there is no more reason to give incentives to these pools.

This proposal will also remove CRV rewards for the OLD btrfly/eth gauge as the token has gone through a migration and their new token already has its gauge up and running. Thus the old gauge (tvl $14k) should be shutdown as it holds a very small amount of hard to acquire tokens.


GAUGE_FEI = β€œ0xdC69D4cB5b86388Fff0b51885677e258883534ae”
GAUGE_DTHREE = β€œ0x16C2beE6f55dAB7F494dBa643fF52ef2D47FBA36”
GAUGE_BTRFLY_OLD = β€œ0x5AC6886Edd18ED0AD01C0B0910660637c551FBd6”


For: Set all three gauges as β€œkilled”.

Against: Do not change the gauges.