Raise fees of crvUSD pools to 2 bps

Currently, core crvUSD pools have 1 bps fee. Most of trading volume in there comes from soft liquidations in LLAMMA and swaps after borrows / before repayments.

I propose to see what raising the fees to 2 bps does there. It seems safe to do because LLAMMA internal fee is as much as 60bps, so +1 bps vs +2 bps for arbitrage traders is almost no difference.

Proposing to initially start with USDC/crvUSD pool to see what happens


  • Higher fee means more revenues from swap volume to the DAO if volume is not going to go down much anyway
  • Higher fee means that price oracles (EMA) are more expensive to manipulate


  • Swaps like USDC->crvUSD->USDT will be less feasible for traders
  • crvUSD peg could be not as tight when PegKeeper pool fees are higher