Question - veCRV holder

I have been a veCRV holder since September but have never collected any fees. Have I missed out on all my fees? Also, going forward, how do I collect them? I tried to find out how to do it for the past two weeks but couldn’t figure it out.

Lastly, is there a way to swap veCRV into other tokens? I know it is locked but it seems like possibly there could be a swap function on snowswap or something like that. I suppose maybe that is not possible since veCRV locked for a week is not the same as that locked for four years.

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Have you looked at this guide? If you navigate to the main page, you will see a claim button at the bottom to collect trading fees.

As to you second question, veCRV is non transferable. You will have to wait until your lock expires to claim your CRV tokens. After you have claimed CRV, you can swap or sell as you please. See this guide for more information.


@gentlegiraffe You are brilliant bro you discuses a wonderful info. :slightly_smiling_face: