Proposal to Whitelist Redacted’s Treasury Multisig Contract

Summary and Abstract

This proposal aims to whitelist the Redacted Treasury (Gnosis Safe), enabling it to lock CRV, participate in Curve gauge and governance votes, and benefit from LP boosting. For the avoidance of doubt this proposal is for the Redacted Treasury itself, and not for Pirex or any other wrapper.

CRV tokens to be locked by the Redacted Treasury are not deposited by users and are acquired by Redacted via bonding, farming and/or purchase on the markets. The Redacted Treasury currently has c. 7.5 million CRV, which, given the absence of a whitelist, are currently deployed in the cvxCRV/CRV LP and cvxCRV staking.

  1. Whitelist Redacted’s Treasury contract in Curve’s SmartWalletList, in order to take part in the governance process and lock CRV.
  2. Redacted will vote-escrow a portion of its CRV for four years. The gauge voting power will be used to support Redacted’s pools and other pools.
  3. The veCRV balance will also be used to partake in relevant governance votes for Redacted and may be used to boost self-owned liquidity in the future.

Introduction to Redacted

Redacted builds governance infrastructure products such as Hidden Hand and Pirex, which improve the alignment and coordination of protocols and users. Since launch, Redacted has focused on accumulating Curve governance power through the bonding of CRV & CVX tokens. Although Redacted has since transitioned away from rebase tokenomics, it remains firmly aligned with the Curve & Convex ecosystems, with around 70% of its treasury consisting of Curve & Convex ecosystem tokens.



GitHub: Redacted Cartel · GitHub


Discord: [REDACTED]


Redacted is centred around the Curve ecosystem. In addition to having a treasury predominantly denominated in CRV ecosystem tokens, Curve is integral and aligned with Redacted’s governance infrastructure products.

If the Redacted Treasury is whitelisted, Redacted will be able to vote escrow it’s CRV position and:

  • directly engage in Curve governance, a protocol which is integral to its success;
  • bootstrap its pools on Curve such as the BTRFLY-ETH POL pool, other Redacted pools and partner pools, all of which allow Redacted to further develop its governance infrastructure products.

All this to say: A whitelist allows Redacted to make better use of its CRV in a way that is collaborative, and more productive, for its own ecosystem and Curve’s ecosystem. Redacted’s goal has always been to facilitate not only the growth of Redacted, but the growth of Curve and locking its CRV is in line with that goal.


This proposal intends to allow the Redacted Treasury (Gnosis Safe) to participate directly in the Curve Wars with no intermediaries by self-locking CRV. The gauge voting power obtained will be used to support Redacted’s pools and other pools on Curve. The treasury will also exert its governance voting power for the best interest of both Redacted and Curve Finance.


Curve DAO whitelisting the following smart contract to allow locking of CRV, gauge voting, governance voting and boosted LP rewards:

Redacted Treasury (Gnosis Safe):



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