Proposal to Whitelist Keep3r''s Treasury Multisig Contract


This proposal aims to whitelist the Keep3r Treasury (Gnosis Safe), enabling it to lock CRV, participate in Curve gauge & governance votes and benefit from LP boosting. There is no intent to wrap CRV as part of this proposal

About Keep3r & Fixed Forex:

Background/Intro to Keep3r & Fixed Forex;
The Keep3r Jobs network & Fixed Forex are governed by the KP3R token as part of a single liquidity ecosystem

The Keep3r Treasury is a 3/6 Gnosis safe multisig wallet

Fixed Forex is the protocol name for the forex issuance solution maintained by the Keep3r multisig & community of vested token holders

Fixed Forex assets (ibEUR, ibCHF, ibGBP, ibAUD, ibKRW & ibJPY) are overcollateralized ERC-20 tokens that are pegged to their corresponding fiat pair

Keep3r & Fixed Forex Info;
Technical Info;


Current Curve Gauges;
The following pools contain Keep3r & Fixed Forex assets and have already been previously approved by the Curve DAO for addition to the gauge controller

KP3R Pools;

ibEUR Pools;

ibCHF Pools;

ibGBP Pools;

ibAUD Pools;

ibJPY Pools;

ibKRW Pools;


  • Approve Keep3r Treasury wallet (Multisig) to lock treasury held CRV as veCRV
  • If approved, Keep3r will aim to boost Keep3r’s Fixed Forex asset pools (non-USD stablecoins) through gauge voting
  • Keep3r intents to utilize POL positions in Curve LPs to continue to liquidity mine CRV tokens


The Keep3r treasury has acquired 847,935 CRV tokens through a combination of market buys, through POL positions in Keep3r’s Fixed Forex Curve Gauge Pools & through Treasury-held Curve LP positions

The Keep3r treasury intends to actively maintain LP positions actively mining the liquidity for CRV rewards, with over $20m in Curve LPs actively liquidity mining CRV tokens.

Keep3r’s Fixed Forex solutions aim to increase non-USD stablecoin usage and increase overall liquidity providers to Curve

It is the intent of the Keep3r protocol to utilize treasury-held CRV to allocate gauge votes to already approved curve gauges containing Fixed Forex assets, referenced here - (1, 2)


Curve DAO whitelisting the Keep3r Treasury address to allow for locking of CRV, gauge voting, governance voting, as well as boosted LP rewards

Keep3r’s Treasury wallet is deployed to Ethereum & can be viewed on Etherscan here


A vote for signals community approval for whitelisting the Keep3r Treasury to lock CRV as veCRV


A vote against signals community disapproval for whitelisting the Keep3r Treasury to lock CRV as veCRV




Please use the comments below to provide feedback or input on this proposal


See here an assesment that gives some insights in the risks. Are there any new audits done in the mean time?

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As with Liquidity, as long Keep3r sticks to using the whitelisted Safe for the stated purpose of treasury management, the risk team is fine with this. Going beyond this, particularly to wrap CRV, would result in us proposing to remove whitelist privilege.


Iron Bank is undergoing an audit currently. We expect this new audit to complete around late August.


agree with this. need to make sure it’s enforced.

Vote is now live at here