Proposal to Whitelist Kallisto's Automated Vault Contract

This proposal aims to whitelist the Kallisto Curve-APY Chaser Vault contract, enabling it to earn and to lock CRV, participate in Curve governance, Curve gauges, and participate in LP boosting for vault Liquidity Providers.

  1. Whitelist Kallisto Finance Curve-APY Chaser vault contract in Curve’s SmartWalletList
  2. Automatically lock CRV for extended durations for veCRV
  3. Acquire veCRV to participate in Curve governance as well as to boost its Kallisto Liquidity Provider holdings.

An Introduction to Kallisto, the Bear
Kallisto v0 was previously built on Terra, which is no longer functioning. Kallisto is heading to Ethereum to target the largest AMMs. Kallisto’s current focus is to offer liquidity providers an automated Curve Finance APY chaser vault. This new vault will aim to provide a low-cost, continuously updating, data science-based strategy for liquidity providers to participate in the most profitable Curve pools. By aggregating users’ deposits, monitoring, and then responding to price dynamics, the vault intends to significantly reduce the cost to stay in the highest APY pools on Curve.

We believe that Kallisto’s Curve Finance APY chaser vault can bring significant value to the Curve ecosystem, and whitelisting this vault’s contract will be mutually beneficial to both protocols.

By systematically scanning the most popular and liquid pools on Curve and dynamically moving the liquidity to the pool with the highest yield, the vault’s users enjoy the best LP opportunities. The vault’s automated LP managing service also improves the Curve user experience as select Liquidity Providers will not need to figure out which pool to join, nor will they need to constantly monitor their positions. Moreover, as users’ liquidity is aggregated and moved together, the transaction cost of switching pools is shared and therefore significantly reduced. As a result, we envision that the vault has the potential to strongly increase Curve’s TVL and enhance the user experience for Liquidity Providers who prefer to stay in Curve with low maintenance requirements.

If Kallisto’s Curve Finance APY chaser vault is whitelisted for CRV locking, the vault’s APY will receive a substantial boost. As such, it will lead to more user deposits, which translate to TVL growth for Curve’s pools. We believe that this boost will create robust positive feedback and give rise to growth for both protocols. Let the chase begin!

This proposal is intended to whitelist the Kallisto’s Curve Finance APY chaser vault smart contracts and allow Kallisto to take part in the gauge voting.

Curve DAO whitelisting the following Kallisto smart contract to allow locking of CRV, gauge voting, governance voting, as well as boosted LP rewards:
Kallisto Curve-Chaser Vault Contract deployed to Ethereum and viewed on Etherscan here:

A vote For signals community approval for Kallisto’s Curve Chaser Vault to be whitelisted for veCRV rewards to attract more Liquidity Providers to the Curve AMM.

A vote against signals community disapproval for Kallisto’s Curve Chaser Vault to be whitelisted for veCRV rewards.

The poll will be submitted to the DAO, 24-hours after this post and after comments and review from the community.


Absolutely based.
I’ve been enjoying Curve fees this bear market and this looks like it will only make it easier.

^ How often does it scan the pool APY’s?

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great proposal - great team. I support this!

Automated Curve chase vault? Right on - I’m looking forward to see what’s next for Kallisto.

‘automated lp managing’ already rings alarm bells to me: do LPs really want to be subjected to risks of multiple pools?

also: how does locking veCRV do anything for you when you have ‘data science’ algorithms that figure out the next best yield already?

finally: we do not want to encourage liquidity locusts, so switching liquidity between pools sounds like something that is harmful for curve: you’re chasing vAPY, and we want folks who’re chasing base APY. You’re bringing supply side value (questionable) and well we’re interested in demand side value.