Proposal to set up dual rewards on xdai $CRV + $STAKE


Proposal to setup dual rewards on xDai network.


xDai network is offering $STAKE rewards with 1 for 1 matching on xdai network. Recently there has been a discussion around coordinating an effort to attract liquidity to xdai . From this discussion there has already been a proposal for the Agave protocol requesting $500k in $STAKE rewards with overwhelming support. I believe Curve is already offering around $85,000 in monthly rewards. Curve should be able to request a 1 for 1 match from xDAI up to the maximum $500k with very little effort.


This would be a virtually free $500k in $STAKE rewards. All that is required is to work with the xdai team, make the proposal on xdai POA forum, the snapshot, and then deploying the rewards. I can help with this if needed.


I just need 1 person for curve that can help me execute this proposal. All that is needed is to deploy rewards once proposal is approved. Additional but not required could be communication.


Should we try to add $STAKE rewards to curve on xDai?
  • Yes
  • No

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Any feedback on how we can make this more attractive to curve community would be a great next step. Please interact with poll if you haven’t. Thank You!