Proposal to kill Multichain gauges and add a gauge for a LayerZero 3Pool


As some of you may know, Multichain has been the de facto bridge for Fantom for a long time and has unfortunately suffered what is likely to be an exploit.While it’s unclear if the funds were whitehacked or moved by the team who are being largely irresponsive, most Multichain assets are currently trading at a 40% discount indicating the market has little confidence in a recovery.

Multichain CEO was also arrested, suggesting there may be further issues to come for the bridge protocol and that the Fantom ecosystem reliance on it is problematic.

As a result, the Curve team is proposing to kill gauges for all pools containing multichain assets and add a gauge for a new base pool made of Layer Zero assets. LayerZero and Stargate have been chose by most ecosystem participants to become the new de facto bridge to avoid reliance on Multichain and the question marks surrounding its future.

The new pool will have: USDC/USDT/DAI with addresses on Fantom below:
USDC: 0x28a92dde19D9989F39A49905d7C9C2FAc7799bDf
USDT: 0xcc1b99dDAc1a33c201a742A1851662E87BC7f22C
DAI: 0x91a40C733c97a6e1BF876EaF9ed8c08102eB491f


Kill vote:
Gauge vote to be added shortly


Thanks for the quick response @charlie_eth !

Now that it is clear that Multichain is not coming back, it would be good to move to another bridge (like LayerZero or Axelar) asap. So we can get CRV bridged to those affected chains (Avalanche, Fantom, Celo) and get the gauges up and running again, with fresh CRV tokens. I am aware that there are quite some dApps that would like to build on top of the Curve Gauges on Celo for example, but are currently blocked because of this situation.

What would be the best way to push this forwards?