Proposal to Kill Gauges for all Metapools Containing renBTC


This proposal is to kill all metapool gauges containing renBTC, as Ren Protocol will be shutting down soon. This includes pBTC1, pBTC2, ibBTC, oBTC, tBTC2, and BBTC.

References/Useful links:

Link to:

Gauges to Kill:

Where possible, we would like to assist teams with an existing BTC gauge on pool migration. Currently only pBTC and tBTC have expressed interest, and are being migrated.

pBTC1 pool:
pBTC1 gauge:

pBTC2 pool:
pBTC2 gauge:

Notes: pBTC has a gauge for its new metapool paired with sBTC2 voted to gauge controller here.

ibBTC pool:
ibBTC gauge:

Notes: BadgerDAO is in the process of deprecating the ibBTC product, and has notified us they will not require a gauge for an sBTC2 metapool.

oBTC pool:
oBTC gauge:

Notes: We have attempted communication with the BoringDAO team on multiple channels with no success. If they wish to migrate oBTC to a new metapool, we are happy to assist them.

tBTC2 pool:
tBTC2 gauge:

Notes: Threshold Network has created a new metapool with sBTC2, with vote to add to gauge controller here.

BBTC pool:
BBTC gauge:

Notes: Correspondance with Binance was not very productive. They seem not very motivated to support the BBTC product, although we are happy to assist them with pool migration if they wish.