Proposal to Kill all STG Gauges


Kill CRV emissions for STG/USDC and STG/FraxBP gauges by calling set_killed

References/Useful links:

Proposal to add STG/FraxBP gauge
STG/USDC gauge:
STG/FraxBP gauge:
STG token migration post


As described in the token migration post linked above, STG will undergo a token migration on March 15th. Tokens deposited in Curve pools will become worthless post-migration, so LPs in these pools must withdraw their tokens before the migration on March 15th.

The pools affected are the two mentioned in the summary. A vote will initiate to kill emissions so that it will conclude before the migration on the 15th.

Post-migration, there will be a vote to add gauge to the new STG pool.


A DAO vote is in progress that would kill emissions to STG gauges

As of the following Snapshot vote, Stargate DAO appears to have cancelled its plan to reissue the STG token

Therefore, Curve needs another action, either DAO vote or emergency DAO action to unkill gauges to the existing STG pools. LPs do not need to take any action, CRV incentives will continue to the existing pools