Proposal to Deploy Curve on ThunderCore


The ThunderCore community is proposing to deploy Curve on the ThunderCore Blockchain. With a strong foundation in interoperability and a user base of over 400K monthly active users, we would like to welcome Curve to ThunderCore’s ecosystem.


The proposal aims to bring Curve into ThunderCore’s sustainable & growing ecosystem. ThunderCore is a powerful blockchain that delivers elite performance with low gas fees making it the most scalable place to build projects.

Key Advantages

  • ThunderCore built an all-in-one crypto wallet known as the TT Wallet and we strategized TT Wallet (>400K monthly active users) connecting both devs and users together, for projects to get exposure.
  • Our key goal has always been to work with devs to onboard them to ThunderCore and develop methods to funnel users/retain users on these DApps. Here are some case studies across notable projects such as TT Farm, Ram Protocol, TT Guess, of their growth and user acquisition on ThunderCore.
  • ThunderCore also supports Web2 industries with blockchain adoption and has partnered with projects like CEXISWAP along with 91APP, a Web2 e-commerce adopting Web3 technology to release PointSwap, aiming to become the largest loyalty points system globally.
  • ThunderCore sets itself apart from other blockchains with the vision of blockchain mass adoption. ThunderGene, the groundbreaking API tool allowing Web2 projects to transit into Web3 effortlessly. ThunderGene is developed as an all-in-one project console to let projects be easily managed. ThunderGene is also utilized in several on-going projects to develop its own unique features.
  • ThunderCore has 6.4M addresses, with over 450M+ transactions, 2700+ tokens, and 10M+ NFT collections deployed on ThunderCore. Here’s a glimpse into ThunderCore’s ecosystem.
  • Additionally, our 10M Dev program and 100M Web3 fund support projects to develop on ThunderCore.


Curve has the potential to acquire ThunderCore’s growing user base and partner with numerous projects. Since ThunderCore is an EVM-compatible blockchain, Curve will be able to deploy on ThunderCore easily without the need to update any smart contracts. Reaching blockchain mass adoption is ThunderCore’s key vision. Curve can benefit from the Web2 entities ThunderCore brings into the ecosystem.

Benefits of deploying Curve on ThunderCore

  • Curve can acquire ThunderCore’s global and growing user base of over 400K MAU, diverse DApps through its ecosystem retention strategy.
  • Opportunity for Cuve to increase its market share by working directly with a public chain for user acquisition.
  • Easy deployment on ThunderCore due to its EVM compatibility.
  • Potential blue ocean strategy with mass adoption possibilities.
  • Obtain funds and users that ThunderCore channels through bringing Web2 entities to Web3.

What’s the vision that we can build together

  • Interoperability is the key to building a strong ecosystem together and bridging the gap between chains.
  • Web3 mass adoption


  • ThunderCore’s blockchain is a perfect match for Curve to deploy on due to its state-of-the-art ecosystem retention strategy.
  • Curve will benefit and directly acquire over 400K MAUs on ThunderCore by deploying.
  • Potential to work with up-and-coming DeFi projects on ThunderCore.
  • Opportunity to lead and hack grow the DeFi ecosystem on ThunderCore.
  • Huge impact on Web2 entities ThunderCore brings into the ecosystem.


Curve will gain an additional user base of over 400K monthly active users from ThunderCore. An opportunity to benefit from ThunderCore’s state-of-the-art ecosystem retention mechanism that has never been seen across any other blockchain.


Although ThunderCore has an abundant ecosystem, however, may not funnel enough users to Curve. Since ThunderCore is adopting a lot of new projects, initially there may not be sufficient DeFi projects to work with Curve; however, after it’s been deployed on ThunderCore.

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Definitely support this proposal! ThunderCore is a Layer 1 with a large user base, and I see tremendous potential in it.