Proposal to Deploy Curve on Mixin Network


Mixin community proposes Curve to be deployed on Mixin Network. Mixin would like to seek a partnership with Curve to contribute to its multichain lead and also would like to take the leading DEX to Mixin ecosystem to benefit millions of Mixin eco users.


Mixin Network launched in October 2017 and it proved to be secure and stable. Mixin Network is an open-source, lightning-fast, and decentralized Web3 platform to bring speed and scalability to the blockchain. Currently, Mixin has supported 46 public blockchains and almost all the popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, ETH, EOS, TRX, DOT, SOL etc.

Mixin allows blockchains to

-Sub-second final confirmation

-ZERO transaction fee/gas fee

-Enhanced privacy

-Unlimited extensibility

-Perform cross-chain for Smart Contracts

Mixin Messenger goes online in 2018, which is one Dapp our team developed based on Mixin network. Mixin Messenger is an encrypted social networking platform integrated with cross-chain cryptocurrency wallet functions. Powered by Mixin network with PoS-BFT-DAG mechanism to secure the assets on it and the messenger uses TIP protocol to have a 6-digit password which makes it easier for users to access their wallet.

The total asset of Mixin Network is over 0.8 billion US dollars (highest TVL: USD2.9 billion on November 10, 2021) with millions of users. With the recent launch of EVM-compatible Mixin Virtual Machine (MVM), it allows developers to deploy smart contracts without modification. MVM has passed the security audit from Slowmist and IOActive.


Mixin decentralized financial infrastructure has begun to take shape. Applications like AMM, aggregate trading, pending order listing, token minting, etc. have been launched and operated stably, and TVL of it has exceeded 270 million US dollars and ranked 11th in terms of chains at Defillama Mixin TVL - DefiLlama. Compared with the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem, the transaction on MVM is fasterer and with low gas fee. There is almost no transaction friction, which can support high-frequency trading.

Curve is one of the leading Defi platforms with renowned security and stability. With the deployment of Curve, Mixin is dedicated to bringing more benefits to Curve users for a better user experience and in another hand, to get the popular DEX to Mixin ecosystem to the vast communities there.


Curve can be deployed directly without modification. Mixin will provide all the assistance or tools needed to facilitate the integration process. Liquidity deployment will be supported if necessary to make a good start.


Mixin Network and Messenger will provide full support to Curve integration. Curve will be one of the major Defi products in the Mixin Ecosystem. Mixin will work closely with Curve to make a trustless and decentralized world.


There is no downside for Curve. Instead, it is another avenue for expansion for Curve.

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