Proposal to create an Aave pool for the AMM Market


This proposal aims to add a new pool of stablecoins on the AMM Market (aAMMDAI/aAMMUSDC/aAMMUSDT)


The AMM market has been built with the idea of unlocking capital deposited in different AMMs.

Although the market currently only support Uniswap and Balancer shares, the community is making some effort to also support any Curve Lp share, including non stablecoin based.


Having a Curve pool on top would replicate the same behavior already visible on the main market, where the Aave and sAave pools are among the ones with highest APYs.

Having a gauge would also help bringing stablecoins liquidity, than can also eventually be leveraged in the same market creating a powerful feedback effect.


The implementation would be the same as current Aave/sAave pools.


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Hey everyone, Emilio from Aave here.

Why the Aave community believes this is very important for both Curve and Aave:

The AMM market unlocks derivative capital from different AMMs. Currently, only from Balancer and Uniswap.
An atoken that is able to handle and claim the gauge rewards for Curve is being currently audited, which means that the community will soon add almost all the curve LP shares to the AMM market.
This means being able to borrow against ANY Curve LP share, while still retaining the capability of claiming the CRV rewards.

At the beginning there won’t be any way of boosting unfortunately, but personally i believe some strategies are applicable that would allow the AMM market to reach the max boost in a relatively short period of time.

Having a Curve ammAave pool using aAmmDAI/aAmmUSDC/aAmmUSDT means having the capability for curve depositors of increasing their leverage capabilities.

In addition given the recent interest for the Aave community in collecting CRV to start locking veCRV to increase the Aave gauge weights (here for reference
this will ensure that the AMM market has always enough liquidity for the Curve LP share holders to borrow.