Proposal to Adjust Parameters of TricryptoINV pool


Proposal to adjust pool parameters to TricryptoINV to match more closely to the currently deployed TriCRV pool.


On advice from both the Curve core team and Curve Research, we would like the pool parameters of TricryptoINV to reflect the following in order to be more optimized:

  • EMA ½ time = remain unchanged at 30 mins
  • Fees = change mid_fee to 0.2% and out_fee to 0.45%
  • All other parameters should be adjusted to match TriCRV’s deployment


TricryptoINV pool:
TriCRV pool:


Adjust TricryptoINV pool parameters to create more optimized pool


Do not change TricryptoINV pool parameters (do nothing)


Curve DAO Vote:

Convex Vote: Snapshot

Update TricryptoINV parameters to match TriCRV. Vote:
*This vote supercedes votes #482 and #486 (Ownership vote #410 and Parameter Vote #72)

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After further consultation with the Curve Core Team and Curve Research, this proposal has been resubmitted in with the parameters of TricryptoINV being fully changed to match TriCRV (mid_fee, out_fee and EMA 1/2 time included).

Convex Vote: Snapshot


A new proposal was submitted to adjust the ma_time since the adjustment is the exp time (1/e), so to get a ma_time of 600, 865 needs to be submitted for _new_ma_time

Vote up here:
Convex vote: Snapshot