Proposal to add zETH/frxETH pool on Ethereum to the Gauge Controlle


Proposal to add zETH/frxETH pool on Ethereum to the Gauge Controller to enable users to assign gauge weight and mint CRV.

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• Documentation: Introduction - Zunami Protocol Docs](Introduction - Zunami Protocol Docs
• Github Page: GitHub - ZunamiProtocol/ZunamiProtocol
• Communities: Zunami Protocol
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• ETH Omni pool smart contract: 0x9dE83985047ab3582668320A784F6b9736c6EEa7
• zETH smart contract: 0xe47f1CD2A37c6FE69e3501AE45ECA263c5A87b2b

Protocol Description:

Zunami is a decentralized protocol that issues aggregated stablecoins, whose collateral is utilized in a yield aggregator and differentiated among various profit-generating strategies.

zETH is a stablecoin pegged to ETH that utilizes the omnipool as collateral. Its primary strategies involve stETH/frxETH, alETH/frxETH, and sETH/frxETH. zETH is a rebasing token that boosts user balances. zETH is pool-aware, that stops rebasing when it is in the pool, diverting rewards from collateral for bribes and locks. This mechanism taps into the Curve flywheel for a 1.2-1.4x boost in yield. The architecture ensures continuous growth fuel for the pool, mitigating yield concerns. zETH aims to dominate yield charts, benefiting liquidity providers.


The establishment of a primary liquidity pool for zETH and the provision of an additional yield opportunity for zETH holders through LP farming.


  1. Governance: While our native token launch is yet to take place, voting power is currently distributed among Zunami LP token holders in proportion to their investments in the protocol. In the future, we have plans to introduce our own governance token called ZUN and transition fully to an on-chain DAO model.
  1. Oracles: Zunami does not use oracles that can somehow affect the price of collaterals or zETH
  2. Audits: Zunami Native Security Audit by HashEx
  3. Centralization vectors: There’s no single person or dev with admin controls over the protocol. But the main actions, such as adding new strategies, assigning a default strategy for input and output, as well as rebalancing funds between strategies, are carried out using a Team multi-sig 0xb056B9A45f09b006eC7a69770A65339586231a34
  4. Market History: zETH, being a recently launched stablecoin, has just entered the market, and Curve has been selected as the first exchange for listing.