Proposal to add WACME/frxETH and stACME/WACME to the Gauge Controller

Proposal to add WACME/frxETH and stACME/WACME to the Gauge Controller


This proposal is to add the WACME/frxETH and stACME/WACME pools to the Gauge Controller.

References/Useful links:

  • WACME/frxETH Curve Gauge - 0xfa30482cb759165a56ccf4a992c85c847be5a618
  • WACME/frxETH Curve Pool - 0x7bbe7a17e501bb6542e975d8a163950149487fa3
  • stACME/WACME Curve Gauge - 0x39bd19d2e9450b9e5bcdbc7501b828d86ce95fe0
  • stACME/WACME Curve Pool - 0x4424b4a37ba0088d8a718b8fc2ab7952c7e695f5
  • WACME (ETH) - 0xdf4ef6ee483953fe3b84abd08c6a060445c01170
  • stACME (ETH) - 0x7ac168c81f4f3820fa3f22603ce5864d6ab3c547

Protocol Description:

Accumulate is an identity-based L1 blockchain protocol with multi-chain support, human-readable addresses, and key hierarchies.

Accumulated Finance is a liquid staking and DeFi platform for the Accumulate protocol token ACME (WACME on Ethereum).

Asset description $WACME:

WACME is a bridged version of native Accumulate token ACME. It’s managed by decentralized audited multi-sig Accumulate Bridge.

Asset description $stACME:

stACME is a liquid staking derivative token for ACME. 1 stACME = 1 native ACME, staked on the Accumulate Protocol and earning staking rewards. stACME issuance is managed by multi-sig, containing doxxed Accumulate Protocol’s and Accumulated Finance’s developers.


  • Increase WACME visibility on Ethereum
  • Establish greater depth of WACME on Ethereum
  • Provide an exit liquidity for ACME liquid staking via stableswap stACME/WACME pool (stACME stakers)
  • Establish first contact with Accumulate/Accumulated Finance and Curve community

LP Incentives:
To demonstrate our intentions, starting from 15 April we have been providing WACME incentives into both pools gauges (WACME/frxETH & stACME/WACME) on weekly basis.
When our pools will be added to the Curve Gauge Controller, we plan to move all incentives to Curve Ecosystem protocols (Votium, VoteMarket, etc.).
WACME incentives for liquidity providers are coming from native ACME staking rewards.


  • Accumulate Protocol and Accumulate Bridge are audited by FairyProof. Audits
  • Accumulated Finance smart contracts are forked from audited contracts (OpenZeppelin, Synthetix, Accumulate Bridge)


Gauge votes have been created: (Add WACME/frxETH) (Add stACME/WACME)