Proposal to add USDT/BSGG pool to the Gauge Controller

This is a proposal to add the USDT/BSGG pool to the Gauge Controller. BSGG is the governance token for, a decentralized sports trading exchange with 1000’s of casino and esports offerings.

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Protocol Description: is a decentralized sports trading exchange which offers a trustless and permissionless sports trading experience with minimal gas fees and no hidden charges. Since mid-2023, casino and esports have been added due to high demand from Betswap users.

The platform facilitates peer-to-peer trading, allowing betting against fellow users, and not the house. has implemented a proprietary multi-currency system that accepts many stable coins as well as a number of crypto like Bitcoin, ETH, Matic and many others on a number of chains including Ethereum, Polygon, AVAX, BSC and Tron. The native token of Betswap has also been included and users can utilize BSGG to place bets and get additional rewards on the platform. Betswap has also facilitated fiat payments in multi-currency to allow global players with little to no knowledge of crypto to also be able to participate on the platform.

$BSGG is the governance token of Governance is not yet live, but will include decisions regarding sports additions, promotions, and other key aspects that will be entrusted to $BSGG holders.

Motivation: has identified Curve to facilitate its liquidity needs. is motivated to become a fixture within the Curve-Convex ecosystem and evolve as a positive sum DeFi primitive.

By onboarding to the Curve-Convex ecosystem, anticipates $5m in monthly volume initially, translating to a noteworthy stream of fees to veCRV and cvxCRV holders. Further, anticipates an initial targeted TVL of 1 million for the USDT/BSGG pool, growing to 5 million in the following month, marking its commitment to having ample liquidity depth for its users to flexibly exit as desired. plans to provide voting incentives through Votium to efficiently reach its TVL goals.


  1. Governance: There is not yet a governance system in place, but Betswap intends to implement this system shortly.
  2. Oracles:
  3. Audits: CERTIK: - CertiK Skynet Project Insight
  4. Centralization Vectors: Betswap is licensed and authorized by the Government of Curacao, operating under the Master License of Gaming Services Provider, N.V. #365/JAZ as an Information Service Provider. Governance is not yet live.
  5. Market History: BSGG currently has around $200k of total liquidity.