Proposal to add TOR-2pool Gauge

Proposal to add TOR+2pool on Fantom to the Gauge Controller to enable users to assign gauge weight and mint CRV.

Describe what this proposal is about

TOR is a truly algorithmic stable coin built on the Fantom Opera Chain. It has a dynamic supply which is determined by supply and demand which ensures it is always worth $1 .

TOR is a stable coin that drives the hector finance token HEC forward as the world’s first deflationary rebase token. Every time TOR is minted the supply of HEC decreases leading to a greater value of HEC which is the utility token for the hector ecosystem. To learn more on how TOR works, please check out this short video.

A short description of the proposed change.

Curve is the ideal DEX for stable coins, given its like-pair swapping curve and is the natural next step for TOR on Fantom.

We believe that:

  • Adding an incentivized pool for TOR on Curve would allow us to address growing demand for minting TOR.
  • It would also provide low slippage transactions for those leveraging with TOR.
  • Adding rewards to TOR liquidity on Curve would help increase access to liquidity for native fantom assets.

Currently, TOR farm has reached $40M+ TVL and continues to grow. As a result, TOR would bring significant additional volume to Curve Fantom and create value for CRV holders.

Explain why you think this proposition is worthwhile.

You can view analytics for TOR on Defillama as well as our analytics page. To learn more about the protocol, please visit our official docs and our community.

You can also review the growth of TOR and our Curve Gauge DAI+USDC from links below: DAI+USDC RewardGauge Deposit

TOR Growth

This is the growth chart of TOR curve liquidity on a daily balance

Minting TOR is available at the Hector Finance frontend.

Technical details if applicable

For: TOR+2pool should have a gauge that can earn CRV

Reasons why this proposal should be voted for

Against: TOR+2pool should not have a gauge that can earn CRV

Possible reasons why this proposal should be voted against


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