Proposal to add the option of "creator fees" in factory pool

Proposal to add the option of “creator fees” in factory pool.


It is proposed to support the option of “creator fees” by deploying new type factory pool.


The “creator fees” function of the NFT market encourages artists to sell their artworks through NFT. Artists are able to profit from artwork transactions with “creator fees”, which can only happen in the Web3 world.

Curve v2 is a perfect protocol for asset base liquidity. Asset issuers can be further encouraged to create basic liquidity in Curve with the “creator fees” function. In addition, asset issuers also have more motivation and passion to join in the bribe market to reward the veCRV economic system.

Add the option of “creator fees” in factory pool.

Do nothing.


Wouldn’t this just encourage “squatting”? Basically just create bunch of pools when gas is cheap with the idea of reaping the creator fees later if the pools takeoff. There’s no requirement for a pool creator to add a lot (or any) liquidity to the new pool.

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I don’t think people will added liquidity for these pool ,or they give Tasty reward for liquidity provider.

But it’s still meaningful, because creator fees can help more protocols use curve for build Basic liquidity.

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Those royalties on OpenSea are collected from each sale and paid to the original NFT creator.

If this kind of pool creation royalty is the share of transaction fees or admin fees, and paid on a regular basis, that would be juicy for those pool creators. It probably encourages some sort of wash trades, which will benefit LP and veCRV holders anyway.

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