Proposal to add STG/FraxBP to the Gauge Controller


Stargate Finance would like to increase its presence in the Curve ecosystem through the addition of a gauge for its newly created STG-FraxBP pool. This would help further boost STG & FRAX liquidity on Curve.

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Protocol Description:

Stargate is a community-driven organization building the first fully composable native asset bridge, and the first dApp built on LayerZero.

Stargate’s vision is to make cross-chain liquidity transfer a seamless, single transaction process.

Describe the proposed asset(s)

STG is the governance token of Stargate Finance that is tradeable on Curve and other trading venues. FBP is a basepool of FRAX and USDC on Curve.


Stargate Finance has a deep history with Curve. STG liquidity was first launched on Curve with the STG-USDC liquidity pool. This pool remains the most liquid venue for STG. Given the success of FraxBP a STG-FraxBP pool was created. We believe that a gauge for this Curve pool would be beneficial for both protocols as it will attract external liquidity providers, improving liquidity for STG and FraxBP alike.


  1. Governance: Provide current information on the protocol’s governance structure. Provide links to any admin and/or multisig addresses, and describe the powers afforded to these addresses. If there are plans to change the governance system in the future, please explain.
    Stargate DAO is currently using snapshot for Governance: Snapshot
    Multisigs employed by Stargate DAO can be found here

  2. Oracles:
    No oracles used

  3. Audits:
    Audit Reports can be found here

  4. Centralization vectors:
    No centralization vector

  5. Market History:
    STG-FRAXBP was recently launched and the pool is yet to be seeded.