Proposal to add StaFi rETH/frxETH to the Gauge Controller


Proposal to add StaFi rETH/frxETH pool (rETH by StaFi) to the gauge controller.


The proposal to add rETH(StaFi)/frxETH pool to the gauge controller would be StaFi’s support to the WETHR program that frax finance would be pushing. To be part of frax finance ideal’s of their WETHR program that would focus on committing positive liquidity with other LSD’s.

1.Governance : At present time StaFi already has a DAO forum however on chain governance isn’t enabled yet. StaFi would soon transition to DAO governance with FIS using as its token to vote into proposals that would benefit the community as a whole.
2. Oracles : StaFi currently has price provider on Uniswap V3 for our rETH token with balancer v2 as fallback. We will pursue chainlink at future as at moment we still don’t have liquidity in doing so.
3. Audits : Core team has verified the protocol’s contract and StaFi has been audited by three auditors certik, peckshield and recently as well blocksec audited our contracts that are for withdrawals and would be ready for deployment after a successful update of ethereum with shanghai update. (Link of Audit:
4. Market History : With StaFI rETH already at $33m value staked, rETH would be a great addition to the lineup that frax has with the initial WETHR program and would contribute positively in the growing TVL of LSD as a whole.

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