Proposal to add sdveCRV/CRV gauge


Proposal to add Crv + sdveCrv factory pool to the Gauge Controller to enable users to assign gauge weight and mint CRV.


Stake DAO has an ecosystem first development methodology, with Curve at the epicentre of most if not all of our smart contracts. Our smart contracts intend to democratise access to DeFi for everyone whilst supporting the protocols that help to propagate our mission.

With that in mind, one of the DAO’s first actions was to get whitelisted in Curve’s SmartWalletWhitelist contract to boost Stake DAO strategies. Currently, five of the six underlying vault tokens (3Crv, eursCrv, CrvRenWSBTC, eCrv and FRAX3Crv) on Stake DAO have Curve optimiser strategies, with over $100m across the strategies each locking CRV earned from the strategy.

Stake DAO recognises the importance of Curve for DeFi, and as Curve governance evolves with bribery and #TheLockening, so too should the mechanics of Stake DAO’s support for the continued decentralisation of Curve.


A gauge that can earn CRV, as well as SDT, would work in service of the decentralisation of CRV by:

  • Enabling the Curve Community to dictate incentives with their votes

  • Enhance the rate of CRV => veCRV


sdveCrv/Crv should have a gauge that can earn CRV


sdveCrv/Crv should not have a gauge that can earn CRV


You can vote on this proposal here: