Proposal to add rswETH gauge


Swell launched our LRT on the 29/01/2023. We aim for curve to be our main source of stable-swap liquidity on Ethereum Mainnet. Swell in addition to using protocol-owned CVX will also be bribing on the pool to drive liquidity and volume towards Curve

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Curve Pool Link -
Curve Pool - 0xee04382c4ca6c450213923fe0f0dab19b0ff3939
Curve Gauge - 0x55e5adb2cb00bfdb085440ca6a5ec628705b2e7f
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Protocol Description:
Swell is a liquid re-staking protocol that has just launched on Ethereum. rswETH is our liquid re-staking token and accrues in value as the underlying eth earns rewards. We are audited by Sigma Prime

rswETH’s current price is $2,305.32 as it is 1:1 with ETH. This pool will be our first stable-swap pool so we expect the price to be 1:1 with ETH and slowly raise over time as rswETH appreciates


Swells Motivation for setting up this pool is for Curve to act as one of our main liquidity venues. Curve’s features such as the oracle on stable pools is very useful for LRTs which reprice over time, enabling our liquidity to concentrated in the right place


  1. Governance: Swell doesn’t have a governance setup at the moment. We discuss with the community on our forum and discord. However once we launch our token we plan to move to a more decentralized model
  2. Oracles: rswETH does not rely on an oracle
  3. Audits: You can find our audit with Sigma Prime here
  4. Centralization vectors: Although Swell is a decentralized and non-custodial liquid staking solution, since we don’t have a governance token, we are not fully decentralized yet.
  5. Market History: rswETH is a very new asset, only launching yesterday so has no price history but due to it being an LRT its price history will be very similar to that of swETH and other LSTS/LRTS.