Proposal to add PAL/WETH to the Gauge Controller [Ethereum]


Proposal to add gauge support for the PAL/WETH pool on Mainnet.


Our proposal aims to deepen the PAL/ETH liquidity using the new crypto ng type of pool.

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Protocol Description:

Paladin is a DeFi ecosystem focused on governance protocols and markets, designed to unlock the value of governance. It aims to enable every DeFi stakeholder to participate in governance as they wish, building solutions around governance power. These solutions are designed to strengthen the underlying DeFi protocol by leveraging the token’s voting power or utility while creating value for token holders.
Paladin’s flagship product, Quest v2, introduces a pioneering method for boosting voting incentives across various DEXs including Curve and F(x) protocol.
The Autovoter by Paladin optimizes voting incentives for holders of vlCVX, vlAURA, and vlLIQ, offering some of the most competitive yields available for governance tokens.
Warlord, a novel governance index, allows users to leverage vote incentives within the Convex and Aura ecosystems while automatically managing CVX and AURA positions.
Paladin Lending enhances decentralized finance by facilitating voting pools for prominent protocols like Curve.


With PAL being the cornerstone of the Paladin’s product suite and with the upcoming tokenomics upgrade, Paladin has decided to move its protocol owned liquidity to a crypto ng Pool to use the latest and most efficient Curve pool for volatile assets.
To provide additional immediate PAL liquidity, Paladin has been incentivizing DEX liquidity for PAL ever since its inception and plans to keep using governance power and PAL bribes with this new pool.


  1. Governance: The current Governance of Paladin is composed of a Forum to discuss Proposals, a Snapshot space to vote, and the execution of a vote is currently handled by a Community Multisig where the members are elected through the DAO voting process but the DAO is currently voting to switch governance to an Optimistic Council (PIP-23)

  2. Oracles: The protocol does not use Oracles

  3. Audits: You can find all the audits of the current products here.

  4. Centralization vectors: Treasury is managed by multi sigs

  5. Market History: Curve has been the homeland for PAL’s liquidity since March 21.
    Link to the latest curve pool here

Pool details:

Pool : 0x85847ef522d78efdbec8afb0045dc7d6982837c3

Gauge : 0x8682FA9C4b6495Ddf38643807Ca088eBE0d22b8B

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