Proposal to add PAL-ETH to the Gauge Controller


Proposal to add the PAL/ETH pool to the Gauge controller to enable users to assign a gauge weight and mint CRV.


Our proposal aims to deepen the PAL/ETH liquidity and provide a way to activate synergies between Curve and Paladin.

Paladin is a governance lending protocol that introduced influence market. Their goal is to increase the capital efficiency of governance tokens, raise turnout, without compromising the decentralization of a project. Most notably, Paladin released in January 2022 a boost marketplace for veCRV, now managing over 5m veCRV.

References/Useful links:

-Github Page: Paladin Finance · GitHub


Paladin has invited veCRV voters to join the DAO during its bootstrapping phase by claiming an airdrop. We then introduced Warden, an app that seemed like a veBoost marketplace at launch, but will soon morph into a full stack boost and gauge marketplace for veCRV holders.

We believe the time has now come to request a gauge to deepen the liquidity and push traders to trade for PAL on Curve. This will invite more holders to provide liquidity on Curve and enable the DAO, who is a major liquidity provider to also start accumulating CRV.


  1. Governance: The current Governance of Paladin is composed of a Forum to discuss Proposals, a Snapshot space to vote, and the execution (if needed) of a vote is currently handled by the Paladin team Multisig (Gnosis Safe, 3 out of 5, current members: Core team members, investors, community member). The Paladin DAO is currently in the process of moving from the current Multisig to a Community Multisig where the members are elected through the DAO voting process (PGP-8). This Multisig will receive admin rights over the smart contracts, as a temporary step before moving to on-chain Governance control of the smart contract (with a Timelock system).

  2. Oracles: The protocol does not use Oracles.

  3. Audits:

-Paladin Audit
-Warden doesn’t have an audit as it is not custodian of any funds outside of Warden
-Quest just finished an audit, which is currently being written

  1. Centralization vectors: Paladin Loans need to be killed when close to the expiry date, which is currently made through a bot managed internally (but the methods to kill Loans are open to any user wanting to kill them and receive the killing rewards).

  2. Market History:

-Curve pool: 2 active since March 2021.
-TVL: $ 1.8 Million

Vote :

For / Against / Abstain

Let’s boost the synergies between Paladin and Curve up a notch!


You have my full support for this !

(And I invite all veCRV holders to come and see what Warden will do for them! :eyes:)


I totaly agree, you have my full support too.


FOR. Great to see an alternative path for veCRV holders

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  • Against
  • Abstain

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This is a no brainer. Let’s get this passed!


Full support on this proposal :fire::fire:


I completely support this proposal.


In support of this, the Paladin community has been building a lot for veCRV holders, their interest are fully aligned with those of Curve, it’s a no brainer for me to add a gauge for PAL/ETH!


I support this proposal.

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There’s lots of potential with this protocol… Let’s get it done! :muscle:

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Hello everyone !
Proposal was moved to voting yesterday.
You can find the votes on the following links:

Thank you for your support.