Proposal to Add LLAMAwnft/ETH to the Gauge Controller

This is a joint proposal developed by Litra Finance and the Llama with the intent to add the LLAMAwnft/ETH pool to the Gauge Controller on mainnet. LLAMAwnft is the wrapper of the Llama NFTs by Litra Finance.

References/Useful links:
Website: Litra - Unleash the superliquidity of NFTs
Documentation: Welcome to Litra Finance | docs
Github Page: GitHub - litrafi/litra-contract: Smart contracts used in Litra finance

Protocol Description:
Litra Finance is creating NFT liquidity using advanced bonding curves and veToken model to provide NFT Liquidity as a Service and empower NFT pricing and solve the low liquidity issue of the NFT market.

This proposal aims to add the LLAMAwnft/ETH pool to the veCRV gauge on mainnet.
This new pool combines the wrapped the Llama NFTs and Ether for reducing the cost of maintaining NFT liquidity, providing more incentives to LPs, and lowering the barriers to entry for the NFT trading market, especially for expensive blue-chip NFTs.


  1. Governance: Litra Finance integrates the veToken model into the NFT market. The Litra DAO will launch at the same time as the Litra token later. The launching time needs to be determined.
  2. Oracles: No oracles are currently needed and used.
  3. Audits: Litra Finance Security Audit - HackMD
  4. Centralization vectors: Litra Finance will be fully decentralized with minimal admin controls.
  5. Market History: The LLAMAwnft/ETH Curve pool has just been seeded.

Pool details:
Pool/Token: 0x4484a052a0be82af20896ea3c8d891a3d11e8d1a
Gauge: 0xb80af51b6a6ff9253cffa30240f2fc7cc839a436

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