Proposal to add FEI-3Crv Gauge


Proposal to add FEI + 3Crv Factory Metapool to the Gauge Controller to enable users to assign gauge weight and mint CRV.

Fei Protocol is a stablecoin platform which has been live since April, 2022. Circulating supply is over 700M, with the FEI-3Crv metapool being among the largest factory pools at over 200M TVL.

This TVL is incentivized by TRIBE, without a gauge. Adding a gauge would drive further TVL and utility to the Curve ecosystem and align incentives for deeper integration with the Tribe ecosystem.


Audits of Fei Protocol were performed by OpenZeppelin and Diligence.

FEI-3Crv should have a gauge that can earn CRV

FEI-3Crv should not have a gauge that can earn CRV


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