Proposal to add DOP/ETH to the Gauge Controller

Proposal to add DOPETH 50/50 Factory Pool to the Gauge Controller to further increase the presence of DOP in the Curve ecosystem.

References/Useful links:

Github Page: Drops Labs · GitHub
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @drops_nft

DOP/ETH pool:
DOP/ETH gauge:

Protocol Description:
Drops is a money market for long-tail web3 assets.
Supporting NFTs, Staked Yielding Positions, and ERC20 tokens as collateral.
Unborrowed capital gets deposited into yield vaults which increases APY rates for lenders.

Projects can create their own isolated lending pools that support their tokens, thus enabling borrowing against any token with liquidity.

Proposed Asset
DOP - which is the governance token at DropsDAO that is intended to be used in the liquidity pool.


DropsDAO intends to move liquidity incentives from Uniswap to Curve to achieve higher capital efficiency in incentivization through CRV bribes.


  1. Governance:

DropsDAO has a lean governance structure. Proposals are being submitted on Discord forum, voting gets carried out by veDOP holders through Snapshot.

Protocol multisig: 3/5 0xCF67F232aB46Ea065052bBB3E34eEE37bCD79e2d

Treasury multisig: 2/4 0x93068cCFb7F4E49326DDE5E038415F569074fDD7

  1. Oracles:

DropsDAO relies on Chainlink oracles for pricing assets which include both erc20 and NFTs.

List of all NFT oracles and their status be found here.

  1. Audits:

Protocol uses a modified version of Compound Finance code base, changes have been audited by Peckshield
Ongoging upgrades a peer reviewed and throughoutly tested.

  1. Centralization vectors:

DropsDAO interface is maintained by the core team and remains private until further notice.
Protocol relies on multiple multisigs to conduct upgrades.

  1. Market History:

DOP token has launched in May 2021 and experienced a fair share of market volatility.
Over the past year it has been trading steady in a range of $0.3 - $0.6.