Proposal to add donation option on Curve (Giveth - Public Goods Router)


  • Giveth is a donation platform built on Ethereum, rewarding and empowering those who give to projects, to society, and to the world.
  • To foster the donation culture in public goods on Curve we’d like to partner up by adding a simple feature, creating an option to donate 1% of their trade.
  • Referrals would go to Curve DAO for every donation in $GIV.

About Giveth

Our community is focused on Building the Future of Giving using web3. Our intention is to support and reward the funding of public goods by creating open, transparent and free access to the revolutionary funding opportunities available within the Ethereum ecosystem.

On our DApp, 100% of donations go directly to the project and Donors to verified projects are rewarded with GIVbacks*.

Creating a project to raise funds with Giveth is simple and permissionless, however to be part of the GIVbacks program and reward donors with GIV, projects have to submit an application for our verification team to review to ensure they are truly a Public Goods project.

*More on GIVbacks: The entry point to the GIVeconomy. Donors to verified public goods projects get GIV tokens in return. This flips the script on tax deductible donations, creating a decentralized and borderless way of incentivizing donations that doesn’t require governments and taxes. Read more here.

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Evolving Nonprofits Regen Economics.

The Biggest Web3 Opportunity That No One Is Talking About



Our intention is to make the process as easy and user friendly as possible for Curve users to support charity when they trade. We propose to add a checkbox on your app so that a user is actually donating to a charity on Giveth with 1% of the value of their trade when the checkbox is ticked.

To save gas, it might be better that the fee of this donation would directly go to a subDAO or a multisig that will process the donations once every 2 weeks. We’d love to have the opportunity to discuss this with your team and explore ways to arrange the fee transfer in a simple and convenient way for Curve in order to avoid any smart contract development and keep the excellent UX users expect.

We would provide Curve token holders a fun way to rank their favorite nonprofits on Giveth and they could send all the donations to that nonprofit for the month then rotate to the next nonprofit on the list. You can check all our projects here:

Not only will this enable Curve to gain a footing in the public goods space but the DAO will also receive $GIV back for their donations via our GIVback program! We are the only donation platform in the world that provides upside to donating.

We’d love to get the feedback from the community on this proposal and if passed, work on the UX and technical details with the respective team(s) to find the best solution to add this feature.


  1. Bringing about change and positive impact in web3 - we believe that by using web3 technology we can enable new forms of coordination in the nonprofit space, giving a larger voice to volunteers, relevant experts and beneficiaries of nonprofit services that often take a back seat to the donors and leaders of nonprofits who often have unchallenged control in one form or another.
    We’d love to see more engagement from Defi projects to provide a more accessible means to support these nonprofits.

  2. Rewarding referrals - Giveth is the only donation platform that provides an upside in donating.
    As described in our proposal earlier, referrals will be rewarded with $GIV and we will have the opportunity to engage with VeCRV holders for something positive and impactful in the public goods space!

  3. Marketing - Giveth has a strong marketing team and presence in the space. We would love to conduct joint marketing efforts to promote this collaboration in various ways: Social media push, podcasts & blog posts.


We would need to discuss the technical aspect of this integration more closely with your team but we believe the project is a simple UX feature. We are also happy to share some of our manpower from our dev team to help with the integration.


This is a simple and easy integration to enable Curve users to support various nonprofits and public goods. A small effort with a grand and meaningful impact.


The only challenge might be Curve’s dev team capacity which Giveth’s team would be happy to contribute to such an epicly impactful code base.

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