Proposal to add DOLA-3pool factory v3 pool gauge


This is a proposal to add the gauge for DOLA/3pool (factory pool 27) to the Gauge Controller. This will allow users to assign gauge weight and mint CRV.


Dola is a synthetic asset issued by Inverse.Finance and is a debt-based USD stablecoin that can also be used natively as collateral.

On Anchor, each DOLA always represents $1 collateral that can be used to borrow other assets regardless of DOLA’s market conditions or peg.

Benefits of DOLA:

  1. Unlike Maker, DOLA borrowers earn interest on their collateral while borrowing DOLA, making DOLA a native yield-bearing asset. This reduces the opportunity cost of holding DOLA.
  2. DOLA is a natively yield generating asset. Users can buy DOLA and supply it to Inverse.Finance to earn interest from DOLA minters.

DOLA/3pool should have a gauge that can earn CRV

DOLA/3pool should NOT have a gauge that can earn CRV

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