Proposal to add BADGER + FRAXBP to the Curve Gauge Controller

Proposal to add BADGER + FRAXBP to the Curve Gauge Controller

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Protocol Description:
Badger is a DAO dedicated to bringing BTC to DeFi. Our core products are Sett Vaults which enable users to optimize yield on their tokenized Bitcoin across Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and Arbitrum. The BADGER token is the governance token of the BadgerDAO.

Badger takes a partner first approach to how it aggregates yield across protocols like Curve, Convex and others. We maximize yield for users while supporting the protocols providing those emissions through staking, LPing and locking.

Badger has been a long-time supporter of Curve and subsequently Convex since inception in depositing our BTC CRV LP tokens on Convex but, more importantly, helping support staking of CVX and locking of CRV as cvxCRV with very little selling of rewarded assets.

Badger would like to deepen USD liquidity for its governance token, BADGER, to ensure more efficient swaps and to further grow demand for the token. This collaboration also provides opportunities for BADGER holders to generate yield on their token positions.

After approval of this gauge we will pursue implementation on Convex as well.


  1. Governance: BadgerDAO is a community led organization with the following constructs:
  • Proposal: Any member of the community can propose improvements to governance or tokenomics in our Discord
  • Council: Badger has a community elected governance council who helps community members refine their proposals. This includes seeking broad community feedback through a Discord RFF process
  • Forum Signaling and Snapshot: The proposal is posted on the Badger Forum when it is well formed, technical viability has been assessed and suitable alternatives or variations have been identified. After the community has provided feedback on the forum the proposal is updated, if needed, and a decision is made to take the proposal to a snapshot vote.
  • BadgerDAO has a hierarchy of different multisig accounts that handle operations within the DAO. These have specific use cases and are outlined in detail in the repo linked found here: Badger Multisigs
  1. Oracles: Badger does not rely on any external pricing oracles.

  2. Audits:
    Audits have been performed by multiple top tier audit agencies. Web2 has been fully audited and reviewed by Halborn and we have an ongoing relationship with Quantstamp and code4rena. Badger Audits can be found on our main website: Security & Audits

  3. Centralization vectors:

  • Badger does utilize upgradeable contracts for many of the products we offer, though these are protected by a 2 day time lock for prevention of issues.
  • Our API and frontend are hosted by centralized entities but we are releasing an IPFS hosted access point titled “Chadger” that is fully permissionless. BadgerDAO has a hierarchy of different multisig accounts handling operations within the DAO. These have specific use cases and are outlined in detail here: Badger Multisigs 2
  • Our DeFi pools do not liquidate users and so there are no liquidation risk vectors.
  1. Market History:
    The BADGER token has been actively trading since December 20202. Price movements are largely correlated to the price of BTC and to the overall crypto market cycles. BADGER currently trades on Curve in a BADGER+BTC pair with a TVL of ~$2.7m. Comparable pairs have had >$1m daily average volume during this time across Univ2/3 and Sushi. We believe this gauge will bring consistent volume and fees to Curve.
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