Proposal to add alETH/ETH gauge


Proposal to add alETH + ETH factory pool to the Gauge Controller to enable users to assign gauge weight and mint CRV.


Alchemix is a CDP platform that specializes in self-repaying, non-liquidatable loans of mirror assets. Our protocol is made to help people simulatenously yield farm and take out leverage in a conservative and responsible way, or as we like to call, “safe aping”.

Alchemix’s alUSD has routinely been one of the leading decentralized stablecoin metapools in both volume and liquidity since it’s inception. We see curve as being the premiere market for soft-pegged assets, and it has been instrumental in the success of Alchemix.


A gauge the earns ALCX and CRV would boost the liquidity in the pool, helping to make it more useful in DeFi.

One such use case we are pursuing is having alETH be a bridge currency off of the arbitrum rollup. We are currently going through the process of bridging alETH and ALCX to Arbitrum and will make an alETH/ETH pool on curve there. That way, users can easily trade their ETH to alETH on Arbitrum, bridge alETH over with Anyswap, and then trade alETH to ETH on mainnet, circumventing the 7 day withdraw period.


alETH/ETH should have a gauge that can earn CRV


alETH/ETH should not have a gauge that can earn CRV