Proposal to add ALD/ETH pools to the gauge controller


Proposal to add ALD/ETH factory pool to the Gauge Controller to enable users to assign gauge weight and mint CRV. ALD is Aladdin DAO’s governance token and aims to represent Aladdin DAO’s portfolio of DeFi assets. Aladdin DAO has incubated two popular protocols in the Curve ecosystem: Clever and Concentrator and it’s on the way of launching the third, f(x) Protocol.
Adding the ALD/ETH pool to the Gauge controller would benefit the ALD protocol and complement Clever, Concentrator, f(x) Protocol, Curve, Convex and Frax

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AladdinDao website:

ALD token address: 0xb26c4b3ca601136daf98593feaeff9e0ca702a8d






ALD/ETH pool:

CLEV/ETH pools to the gauge controller:

CTR/ETH Pools to the gauge controller:

Protocol Description:

Aladdin DAO aims to create an accessible, transparent, and community-driven decentralized financial ecosystem. Its core team comprises experienced blockchain developers, finance professionals, and entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of decentralized finance.

Protocols within Aladdin DAO’s ecosystem include:

  • Concentrator: A yield optimizer that boosts returns on Convex vaults by compounding rewards into auto-compounding top-tier tokens like aCRV, aFXS, or afrxETH.

  • Clever: A protocol that enables users to take out loans in clevToken, with future yields from collateral automatically paying down the loans.

  • f(x): A protocol that aims to create a new class of decentralized low volatility ETH asset, fETH, paired with a leveraged long ETH perpetual contract, xETH.

Aladdin DAO owns 30% of all CTR, CLEV, and f(x) tokens issued by these protocols. These Aladdin DAO ecosystem tokens are permanently locked and all rewards and governance decisions for Aladdin DAO’s share are distributed to veALD holders.


The key motivations for adding the ALD-ETH pool to Curve gauges are:

  • Increased liquidity and visibility for the ALD token
  • Exposure for Aladdin DAO’s ecosystem protocols (Concentrator, Clever, f(x) Protocol)
  • An additional yield opportunity for ALD holders through LP farming
  • Potential governance benefits for CRV and CVX tokens through Aladdin DAO’s participation in bribe markets


  1. Governance: The ALD token was deployed by the Aladdin core team. Aladdin continues to develop and administer AladdinDao, progressively decentralizing governance power to vewxALD holders. The AladdinDao treasury is controlled by a 6/9 multisig wallet

  2. Oracles: AladdinDao does not rely on oracles.

  3. Audits:


  5. PeckShield

Add ALD/ETH factory pool to the Gauge Controller
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