Proposal to add a sUSD<>3CRV Gauge on Optimism


sUSD is the stablecoin that powers the Synthetix protocol. sUSD is minted as debt from SNX collateral, and can then be exchanged for synthetic assets at oracle price, enabling execution of slippage-free large volume swaps between different assets.

The aim of this proposal is to add a Gauge for this specific pair on Optimism in order to increase liquidity. Deploying this gauge will not only enable CRV rewards, but also multiple token rewards from the Synthetix ecosystem including SNX and LYRA.


Synthetix and Curve have previously partnered to deliver top class products via Curve pools with synths, such as the sUSD, sETH, and sBTC pools. These pools have enabled Curve cross asset swaps, which have generated decent volume and fees for CRV stakers.

The main motivation for this proposal is to continue fomenting this partnership on Optimsm, which is the scaling solution which the Synthetix ecosystem has chosen. Having a gauge will help increase sUSD liquidity; facilitate use of Lyra, Synthetix, and Thales; and drive more volume to Curve.

Add Optimism sUSD<>3crv gauge to the controller.

Do not add Optimism sUSD<>3crv gauge to the controller