Proposal for CNC/ETH Gauge

Hey everyone,

r2 here, from the Conic team.

Over the last few days, there has been quite some discussion around Conic, CNC and the gauge proposal for the CNC/ETH pool. We addressed those points in the Conic Discourse earlier today (here).

I would like to clarify here as well that the active gauge proposal was not proposed by a Conic team member. While we are excited that this has been proposed, the Conic team feels that this is slightly premature. We want to share quite a bit of protocol-related content over the coming weeks and will post a proper proposal for a gauge here first (if the current proposal does not pass). We want to publicly address any questions around protocol design, audits, as well as risks that Conic users are exposed to (beyond slippage) and speak to the crypto risk team. The Conic team is not against passing a gauge now, but as a project who’s goal is to support and grow the Curve ecosystem we want to do things by the book. With that being said, the timing may be more appropriate in the near future given the current state of development.

Should this current proposal pass then we will of course also post a more detailed post on the aforementioned.

We appreciate the constructive feedback and the support that we have received from a many Curve community members over the past months!


I’ll admit I had a bit of a brain lapse with this proposal and agree that this would be premature.

I will submit a kill proposal to kill the gauge for now and it can be lifted at a later date(should it pass) once conic is a fully released protocol.


good post. i already voted no because there was no write-up about it in this forum.

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