Proposal for a NGNC/USDC pool with CRV incentives


Increased activity via NGNC/USDC Liquidity Pool on Curve Finance
What is NGNC?
NGNC is a multichain Nigerian Naira backed stable coin paired 1:1 to the Nigerian Naira.

Join our NGNC-USDC liquidity pool on Curve Finance:

Earn Yield: Provide liquidity and earn returns through trading fees.
Low Slippage: Benefit from minimized price impact due to the stable nature of assets.

Describe what this proposal is about

The aim is to create a NGNC/USDC liquidity pool and have the liquidity providers receive CRV incentives in return for providing liquidity in the pool

Explain why this pool needs incentivization

CRV incentives will increase liquidity, boosting the efficiency of trading and grow user engagement
By incentivizing, we attract committed LPs, which would result in a thriving ecosystem.

Impact on Curve:

  • Through incentivized LPs, we can enhance overall trading across the platform especially in the Nigerian demography.
  • Diverse Asset Pairing: Adds stability and diversity to Curve‚Äôs range of offerings.

By incentivizing NGNC/USDC LPs with CRV rewards, we can drive sustained growth and liquidity for both our pool and Curve Finance.