Lobby - bribery aggregator

LobbyDAO(https://lobby.page/) is a user-friendly aggregated bribery platform designed to improve the voting market of vlCVX and veCRV for both voters and bribers.

This grant aims to secure additional funding to enhance the development of additional functionalities, such as union and compounding, as well as to foster promotion efforts.

Summary of Grant Applicant:

Official email: [email protected]

We are a team of five individuals, operating anonymously. Our team comprises four experienced developers and one BD executive. With a collective professional DeFi expertise gained since entering the industry very early, our team possesses a wealth of knowledge in the field, especially in DEX.

Project Details:

LobbyDAO as a bribery aggregator, is built for $vlCVX and $veCRV holders to maximize their bribery yields. The advantages of LobbyDAO are outlined, below:

All-in-one aggregator: LobbyDAO has integrated major bribery markets such as Votium, StakeDAO, yBribe, and more. With this integration, users can conveniently access data, vote, and review historical records all within a single platform. Additionally, LobbyDAO offers various tools to assist users in making well-informed voting decisions.

Flexible bribery market: LobbyDAO is preparing to launch its own bribery market, which will offer enhanced customization options. Users will have the ability to assign precise or maximum incentives for each vote, determine the duration of the bribery, and even establish white and black lists for voters. This increased flexibility allows for a more tailored and personalized bribery experience within the LobbyDAO platform.

Community Governance: $Lobby will be introduced as the governance token. Unlike existing bribery platforms that operate as black boxes, where most users are excluded from participating in voting decisions, LobbyDAO aims to fix this issue. By distributing power to users through $Lobby, we strive to create a more democratic and transparent voting process. With $Lobby tokens, users will have the opportunity to actively engage in governance and have a voice in shaping the platform’s future.

Lower fee and higher rewards: We will offer significantly lower fees for voters who delegate their voting powers and forward their reward addresses to us. Furthermore, we have implemented a revenue-sharing model where 100% of the platform’s revenue is distributed among token holders. As an additional incentive, users participating in our platform will be awarded extra $Lobby tokens. The more actively you vote with us, the greater your loyalty, and the higher your rewards will be. This approach encourages continuous engagement and offers increasing benefits to our dedicated users.

Post-Grant Plans:

LobbyDAO(https://lobby.page/) is currently live and our aggregator has been widely embraced by core users of Curve, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback. The grants we receive will be utilized to expedite our development process contract auditing and enhance our promotional efforts, ultimately attracting a larger user base.

Requested Grant Size:

300,000 CRV

Wallet to receive grant:



Thank you for your detailed proposal submission. After reviewing, here are some feedback points:

  1. Aggregated Bribery Platform: The integration of multiple markets into a single platform is a commendable effort. This not only simplifies the user experience but also positions LobbyDAO as a central hub for bribery activities. Consider further streamlining the user interface to ensure even newcomers can navigate with ease.

  2. Flexible Bribery Market: The customization options are a standout feature. However, ensure that the flexibility doesn’t complicate the user experience. Perhaps a tutorial or guide on how to maximize these features would be beneficial.

  3. Community Governance: Introducing the $LOBBY token for governance is a progressive step. To foster trust, consider being transparent about token distribution, especially given the team’s anonymity.

  4. Economic Incentives: Your fee and reward structure is innovative. Regularly reviewing and adjusting based on user feedback can ensure its continued effectiveness. Also, clarity on how the fee-sharing model works in practice would be beneficial for potential users.

  5. Post-Grant Plans: It’s encouraging to see the positive reception from the Curve community. As you allocate funds towards development and promotion, prioritize security and regular audits, especially given the financial nature of the platform.

  6. Please delete your previous proposal, thanks.



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In addition, we will lock half of our granted $CRV to incentive future lobby pools (willl provide on-chain proofs), the other will be used for development and auditing.

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Could you explain how this is inovative?

I like the fork of llama.airforce for veCRV, it’s something they should have done a long time ago, but tbh, you already have an aggregator on votemarket.stakedao.org, which showes all veCRV bribes (Votermarket, Paladin and yBribe ones).

Furthermore, your flexible bribery looks like a front end to use either Votemarket (if capped) or Quest (if precise incentive), and keeps all their existing feature (blacklist, long term duration, even whitelist like the one proposed by Paladin v2).

Looks like the only new feature it proposes is to have a whitelist on a floating price bribe, but I am not really sure there is a market for that tbh, and I am pretty sure that it wouldn’t be worth 300k CRV since Paladin or Stake DAO could probably do it if asked kindly…