Leverage Curve pools (+ any-to-CRVUSD volume growth)


Rango is a DEX and bridge aggregator that enables smooth cross-chain swaps across over 50 blockchains. Curve pools have been integrated and optimally routed on Rango. We propose a collaborative co-marketing campaign between Curve and Rango to engage both protocols’ user bases and communities more deeply with Curve pools. The campaign could include:

  1. Social Media Announcement
  2. Educational AMA on Curve’s Unique Benefits
  3. Medium Article on Curve Pools’ Value for the Rango Ecosystem
  4. Trading Competition on Top Crypto Platforms


This campaign aims not only to engage existing Rango users but also to attract new users to swap on Curve pools. By leveraging the strengths of Curve pools, we hope to enhance its brand reputation and market knowledge.


  1. Enhanced User Experience
  2. Mutual User Base Expansion
  3. Educational outreach
  4. Showcasing technical innovation
  5. Diffrentiating both protocols


  1. Social Media Announcement: Launch a coordinated announcement across various social media platforms (Twitter, Discord, Telegram) to inform and excite our communities about this integration.
  2. Educational AMA on Curve’s Unique Benefits: Host an AMA session focusing on the unique benefits of Curve and Rango, enhancing understanding and interest among our users.
  3. Medium Article on Curve Pools’ Value for the Rango Ecosystem: Publish an in-depth article on Medium explaining the value Curve pools bring to the Rango ecosystem and detailing how users can route through these pools for efficient and cost-effective cross-chain swaps.
  4. Trading Competition on Top Crypto Platforms: Organize a trading competition on leading crypto platforms. This competition will encourage users to swap through Curve pools and bridge to CRVUSD from any network, increasing engagement and usage.


  • The campaign can help both platforms penetrate new market segments. For instance, users who are familiar with cross-chain swaps but less so with stablecoin trading can be introduced to Curve’s offerings.
  • It mainly highlights the more efficient and cost-effective cross-chain swaps achievable through Curve pools besides bridging to CRVUSD from anywhere, directly benefiting end-users. This approach positions both parties as innovative and user-focused, thereby strengthening the DeFi ecosystem.
  • The campaign can serve as a platform to educate users on the technical innovations and advantages of using Curve pools within Rango, highlighting the cutting-edge aspects of both platforms.


  • Rango brand awareness, Rango is live from Aug 2021, Rango V2 smart contract is audited by PeckShield. General stats on Rango:
    Total Swap volume : +2.4$B
    Total Swap number : +1.3M
    Total Unique wallet : +250,000